10 Best Places To Visit In Rajgir.


  • Rajgir Glass Bridge :
    Guys! Rajgir Glass Bridge is India's second and Bihar's first glass bridge.
    It's located in rajgir dist in bihar. Glass bridge fee is 150 rupees. where
    you can enjoy like Switzeland.

  • Wildlife Safari :- It is spread across 191 hectares, entry fee – Rs 100 and Rs 150 for safari bus ticket. Guys! You took the from the same place from where you started your wildlife safari. First you have to go to see the suspension bridge, it’s cost 10 rupees per person. 
  • Rajgir Zoo Safari :- You can take ticket of zoo safari is online or offline. It is situated around 500 acres, in the zoo safari you have to take a air condition bus to see the various types of animal like- Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Deer etc… it’s all depends upon your  luck.
  • Vishwa Shanti Stupa :- Its situated on the rock, so you want to go there then you have to take ropeway, you can go there with the help of stair’s also. But maximum tourist is visiting there with ropeway for his experience.
  • Bhimbisar Jail :- Guys everyone tells that there is 10 to 12 feets down has under cover jail, where his son Azad satru who is taken him in custody. After some time Raza Bhimbisar has suicided in this jail. Everything which happend in this jail every proof Britishers are finding there and now everything is in Nalanda Musium.
  • Nature Safari Rajgir:- Try to avoid vivsiting nature safari as it is to crowded, even on week days this place is crowded. If you want to see the Nature safari then you can visit there.
  • Brahma Kund :- This is Laxmi Vishnu temple, it has a hot water spring inside. Guys it was too crowded and the kund is relatively small too. You want to bath then you will go and take a bath.
  • Ghora Katora Water Falls :-  Its  natural lake not a man- made. In this lake has a 70 feets of Gautam Budh statue. You can the boating on this lake, you can visiting all around lake with pedal boat whose timing is 30 minutes but it is not strict restriction.
  • Jarasandh ka akhada :- Friend’s this place has mythological connection from mahabharat, it is believed that the Jarasandh & Bhima fought the battle at this place.
  • Sone Bhandar :- It is also known as swarn bhandar, which is man-made cave, it is believed that it has the hidden treasure behind the wall in the cave.

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