Rajgir Glass Bridge

Rajgir Glass Bridge : Fusion of Nature

                   राजगीर ग्लास ब्रिज                    

Rajgir Glass Bridge is the most popular tourist destination in Rajgir dist Bihar. Guys! Glass Bridge is 85 foot long and 6 foot wide was inaugurated in 2021. Guys you can visit there atleast 40 people at a time.

Rajgir is expected to attract more visitors.


10 Best Places To Visit In Rajgir. INTRODUCTION :- Rajgir Glass Bridge :– Guys! Rajgir Glass Bridge is India’s second and Bihar’s first glass bridge.It’s located in rajgir dist in bihar. Glass bridge fee is 150 rupees. where you can enjoy like Switzeland. Wildlife Safari :- It is spread across 191 hectares, entry fee – … Read more